Native vs HTML5 Apps

One of the questions we get asked a lot is whether to use HTML5 or build a native mobile app. We will now highlight the points you need to know when choosing the right technology to be used for your apps.

HTML5: Write once, run everywhere

This is the main point for choosing this platform. HTML5 allows developers to create a rich, internet enabled content across mobile devices, web browsers and desktops. At the end, it is cheaper and faster to develop, but there are significant drawbacks to using HTML5. This technology doesn’t provide access to all the features of many devices. Because of these deficiencies, many rule out the HTML5 approach. Performance is also poorer, specially when the app features multiple animations. You can think of it as, what you see in a website, is more or less what you will get with an HTML5 app.

Depending on the application, HTML5 will be a perfect candidate

NATIVE: No limits

Going native on the other hand, let’s you benefit of all the device’s features and cpu power. Native apps run more smoothly, so if speed is important, native will be a better choice. At GoDevteam, we use technologies that leverage the source code sharing by using technologies such as Xamarin. Using this platform, allows us sharing even 90+% (depending on the app) of the source code between iOS, Android and Windows versions of the app. Of course it takes more time to develop, but the end result will be much superior.

A third choice will be to use a mix of both technologies. We can build a native app where parts that do not require native development, will be built using HTML5. This is called a Hybrid App.

Still not sure? Contact us and let us know about the app you want to build and we’ll be glad to give you more information about these technologies.

Native vs HTML5 Apps